saturday, August 24th - 2pm-5pm

Join us for the MUSCLE MANIA!!

The event will combine two of the best things!!! Fitness and NFI Empire custom vehicles!

You will witness Pro Arm Wrestling, Arm Assassin Strength Shop GRIP Challenge and NFI Empire Custom Vehicles.

There will be food, so bring your appetite! - Curbside Grille

All Proceeds will go to local charity


10120 West Main Rd  

North East PA 16428


Saturday, August 24



Arm Assassin Strength Shop

GRIP Challenge

Starts at 4PM


Hosted By John Heynoski

Starts at 2pm

Competitor Info. 


4 Classes left and right:

165 right and left

195 right and left

225 right and left

Heavy right and left

Competitor Entry Fee: $20 per arm

The money raised will be split down the middle. Half will go to charity and half will be split 8 ways for 1st Place Right and 1st Place Left of each weight class.

So the more competitors the more raised for charity and the more pay out for the winners!

Event 1: Napalm Nightmare 2 3/8” Deadlift (1 Rep Max Weight - 3 Tries to Max)

Event 2: Nut Pinch Lift (1 Rep Max Weight- 3 attempts)

Event 3: 2” Pinch Block Hold for Time- 1 attempt
-Mens: 60lbs
-Women/Children (12-15): 30lbs
-Children (12 and under): 15lbs

Men’s Weight Classes
Lightweight: 0-180
Middleweight: 181-220
Heavyweight: 221+

Women’s Weight Classes
Lightweight: 0-128 lbs
Middleweight: 129-148lbs
Heavyweight: 149+

Arm Assassin Strength Shop GRIP Challenge

Competitor Entry Fee: $25 (Includes 3 events)
or $10 per lift

****All proceeds go to local charity****

Come to the event and enjoy:

  • Kid Friendly

  • Dog Friendly

  • Food: Curbside Grill 

  • Fitness competitions


  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Jeeps

  • Motorcycles

  • SUVs


  • Arm Assassins

  • Abominable Grip Chalk

  • Diesel Crew

local businesses! Would you like to get involved in our event?

Please fill out the form below if your business would like to setup or donate to our event.

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We can always use a helping hand. This event is large, and has a lot of action, and plenty to jump in and help with. 

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Questions of concerns:

Text 814-724-9104

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