Destroyer Jeep

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Destroyer Jeep


  • Fab Fours Front Visor Cowl 

  • Fab Fours Light Insert 

  • Rigid Industries LED Surface Mount Lights 

  • NFI Hardlined Hood Piece

  • Sales X Beast Durable Fiberglass Hood 

  • Jeep Mopar Windshield 

  • ARB Old Man Emu Coil Springs

  • NFI Empire Fully Hardlined Interior

  • Oracle Vector series grille 

  • Havoc Offroad Steel Fenders Front 

  • Havoc Offroad Steel Fenders Rear

  • Fishbone Logo JK Inner Fenders 

  • DV8 TC-1 Body Mounted Tire Carrier 

  • XRC Gen 2 Rear Bumper

  • NFI Empire Custom Painted DV8 Rear

  • Custom Painted Brake Caliper

  • Brake Light Kit 

  • Hi-Lift Jack 

  • Smittybilt XRC Winch

Build Description


Jeremy and his wife came from Texas to customize their Jeep Wrangler JKU.

Jeremy had his dream Jeep all mapped out already, so it came down to really adding custom features.

Our team met with him and started ordering all the parts he wanted, and got to work!

Some of the many custom features was the NFI Hardlined hood piece, custom painted brake light, NFI Hardlined interior, custom painted brake calipers, and much more!

Jeremy loves the Jeep so much, he is already planning a second part of the build. We will start the second part of the build the third week in February 2019.

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