What is NFI Empire all about? I want to take you into a deeper look at what really made NFI what it is today.

What is NFI Empire's Foundation?


Our business is built on passion, hard work and dedication. Our crew is really what makes the entire business function. If it weren't for their passion, and pride in what they do, then NFI Empire wouldn't be the company it is today.

At times our team works through the night to keep up with the demand for our product.

It is our mission to build the best of the best, and to treat our customers like Family.

What is the history behind NFI?

NFI Empire was founded on the American Dream! The idea of NFI Empire was inspired by going to the 2014 SEMA Show. Thousands of people attended the show but it was clear that only a small percentage attending could actually afford one of the builds due to the six figure costs on most of them.  The concept of NFI Empire was to allow the dream of owning a custom build, to be attainable for the everyday person.

The idea was sparked! The goal was to build absolutely mind blowing machines at a price that won't break the bank. We developed a dedicated crew and dove into the process starting with the Jeep market.  

It wasn’t long until our customers started requesting all types of vehicles.   Lifted Subarus, LS Swaps, Bronco's, K10's, monster trucks, and much more! It became a no brainer that we needed to branch into the entire 4x4 market.

From custom Jeeps to 4x4's and performance.

How did the dealership come about?


Our team not only builds cool stuff, we also sell and consign as well. We wanted to be able to offer our customers already built custom vehicles as well.

The team at our North East PA Sales Location locates and purchases vehicles.

One thing we pride ourselves on, is providing high quality vehicles. A lot of our vehicles are bought in the south, shipped to the North, then built into one of a kind machines.

Once the vehicle is custom built, it comes out to the dealership, and is detailed, photographed, and marketed.

What does consigning a vehicle mean?

When you consign your vehicle with us, it means you are allowing our team to sell your vehicle for you. There are a ton of perks to consignment!

You no longer have to deal with buyers off craiglist: calling you at 10pm, tire kicking, giving you ridiculous offers, and worrying about your safety.

Our company is able to offer: financing, take in trades, ship vehicles, and offer warranties.

One more huge advantage to consigning is the fact that our dealership is insured. This means your vehicle is safe on our lot.

What is a “locate service”?

The “locate service” is very unique! There are two parts to the “locate service”.

  1. If a customer comes in looking for a specific vehicle, and we do not have it on the lot, our team will then begin the locate service. We have access to all the auctions in the US, so finding your dream vehicle is no big deal.

  2. We also have customers that call in with a specific build in mind, but don’t have the vehicle to begin the build. That is where we step in and find the vehicle for them. Once the vehicle is located, it is shipped to our custom build facility, and the build comes alive.

What is my favorite part of this business?

As the Director of Marketing the most rewarding part of this business is watching the customers reaction to their dream vehicle becoming theirs! Whether it is a vehicle they bought off our lot, or a full custom build, there is nothing like it! We not only get to walk step by step through their build journey, but we make a long life dream come true.

It is truly an emotional process.

What do you want to know about NFI Empire?

Now we want to hear from you. What is it that you want to know about our business, our team, our process?


Written by: Nicole Lawrence