Go from boring stock, to custom built!  

While enjoying SEMA it became abundantly clear that most 4X4 and performance vehicles displayed were never going to see the road...on or off!  It was also clear that 99% of the population could not afford one of them.  Don’t get us wrong, these are some of the most incredible machines you will ever find. 

However, NFI wants to offer 4X4 & Performance Vehicles to be both admired and used.

Our team has been significantly improving every aspect of Jeeps, 4WD's, & performance vehicles over the past 20+ years.  Our goal is to take that experience and offer extraordinary vehicles at justifiable prices.

The NFI goal is to offer a product our customers are proud to drive off the lot and into their lives. We don't want to just give the initial wow factor, we want you to look at your vehicle everyday and know you made the right choice.

We will do all we can to enhance the local and national economy. Our vehicles are hand picked in the Southeastern US and fully reconditioned at our restoration facility in downtown Erie PA. American made through and through!