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ProComp Lift, Tires, and Wheels Package

Have you been thinking about upgrading your 4x4, but just don't have the funds together? NFI Empire is offering a package deal for a monthly fee of $89/month.

*Price may very depending on make and model of vehicle

$450 Starting at Spray in Bed Liner

Prices starting at $450 for our exclusive spray in bed liner! Our specialty bed liner is perfect for various uses. We've lined entire vehicles, to accenting specific pieces of vehicles. If you're looking to increase the durability of your truck bed, then this proprietary blended bed liner is the answer for you! We can even match any color you desire!

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$1,500 - 4 Inch FabTech Suspension Lift 

4 Inch FabTech Suspension Lift installed and aligned for $1,500! 

*Price may vary depending on make and model


$1,000 Winterization Permanent Undercoating 

It's sad to say, but winter is right around the corner. Get your vehicle ready for all the salt! Protect your vehicle from rusting this winter! This is NOT fluid film! This is a permanent rust inhibitor. 

Winterization Undercoating starting as low as $1,000! 

Wheel & Tire Package Starting at $899!

Call today, and our team will take the hassle out of searching for the perfect wheel and tire. Special includes mount and balance. 

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10% off Parts - Brakes & Rotors 

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10% off Parts - Ball Joint & Tie Rods 

Winter is in full swing, and that means your vehicle is taking a beating! Our team will take care of all your suspensions needs.

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Full Paint Special - Starting at $2,499

  • Quote depends on size, and condition of vehicle. 

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